Published each year since 1997, the booklet presents 16 different headline statistics for each country, from gross domestic product to total primary energy supply to energy production to CO2 emissions per capita. Overview sections offer graphs showing energy output, generation or refining, and consumption by region, fuel or sector from 1973 through to 2013, with pie charts demonstrating differences for these two time periods. Other sections present energy-related CO2 emissions, energy projections, and various market and retail prices for select fuels and countries.

To download the new Key World Energy Statistics, please click here. Many more detailed statistics by country, including energy balance Sankey flow animations, are also available for free on the IEA website’s statistics page. The site has been recently updated to incorporate the most recent data available.

An electronic version of the 2014 edition of the Key World Energy Statistics – the International Energy Agency’s free, easy-to-consult reference tool – is now available for download, offering the most important statistics on production, transformation and consumption of energy, as well as CO2 emissions, in more than 140 countries and regions, with global and regional overviews.