Visitors for 2013 edition of Expobioenergia in Valladolid in Spain, 2014 edition will be even larger
Visitors for 2013 edition of Expobioenergia in Valladolid in Spain, 2014 edition will be even larger

417 enterprises and exhibiting brands are going to turn the first “Expobiomasa” into the greatest event of the year in the renewable energies sector in Spain
The technology expo has now closed stand allocation with numbers way over the organisers’ expectations – covering 26,000m2 of exhibition space. Not a single square metre remains for hire at Expobiomasa. With six weeks to go to the fair, AVEBIOM has had to hang up the “no vacancies” sign. 417 enterprises and exhibiting brands are the reason for this. They will be coming from over 25 countries to fill 26,000m2 of stand space. Exhibitors are clearly backing Expobiomasa as the perfect commercial environment for identifying new objectives, getting involved in innovative projects, finding out about what is on offer, and renewing relationships with their customers. They are sure that they will be participating in the main business platform for biomass in the south of Europe and Latin America because they know they will find visiting professionals finalising purchases and closing deals at the fair itself.

Expobiomasa 2014 demonstrates the healthy state of a sector that is enjoying the business opportunities offered by producing and using biomass as a renewable energy source that is cheaper than fossil fuels – a fact that has led to a booming biomass market not only in Europe as a whole but   also in Spain and Portugal, where it seems unstoppable.

AVEBIOM’s objectives when they took over leadership of the annual fair and organised Expobiomasa have been exceeded and now the challenge is to respond to the great backing they have received from exhibitors with a massive influx of visiting professionals, all profoundly interested in the sector and the possibilities for work and business offered by the myriad technical solutions using biomass aimed at an ever increasing and more varied end-user base.

The Exhibitor List is still available at although it has been steadily updated with new enterprises and brands since it first went up in March. The final figures at close of inscription show that exhibitors will take the latest technological advances to Expobiomasa from 25 countries:  Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the UK and the US.

With regards to the various sectors of activity, there is wide-ranging representation from along the whole biomass value chain: technologies for using agricultural and forest biomass; equipment for grinding and chipping agricultural and timber biomass; equipment for manufacturing pellets and briquettes; production, distribution storage, selection and drying of pellets and chips; stoves and chimneys; boilers for domestic use and industrial equipment; District Heating and biomass plants; flues and auxiliary equipment, etc.

Although everything points to 2014 as being the year of wood chip and pellet production, other highlights include the presence of leading European companies that manufacture and distribute equipment for forestry, chipping and pelleting, who will be presenting new and customised solutions for projects that mean professionals can make the most of biomass applications at minimum risk.

Some countries will also be participating formally, in an institutional way, as there will be trade delegations from Austria, Denmark and the Czech Republic. Likewise, the European Pellet Council  (EPC) is organising its annual assembly in Valladolid to coincide with Expobiomasa as well as participating in the 9th International Bioenergy Congress with a speaker representing the main pellet traders and experts from around the globe.

To round off the wide-ranging programme of activities there will be days devoted to large-scale energy consumers such as the food-farming industries, followed by displays of biomass for municipalities, Professional Visits; Workshops giving the keys to climate funding, new legislation on emissions controls, the best business models for the timber and forestry industry; and displays from exhibitors – these are some of the other features within the fair’s scope.

Professionals interested in visiting Expobiomasa can gain Online Accreditation at half price (€10). A three-day pass on the day will cost €20.

Organised by AVEBIOM, with collaboration from IDAE, Valladolid City Hall and Feria de Valladolid, the 1st Expobiomasa will be held from 21st to 23rd October 2014 in Valladolid. Full details about the event are available at and on Twitter (@Expobiomasa), Facebook (expobiomasa).

Francisco Javier Díaz Gonzále president of Avebiom and of the Steering Committee
Francisco Javier Díaz Gonzále president of Avebiom and of the Steering Committee