ExpobioenergiaProfesionales en Expobiomasa

Expobiomasa delivers: 16,423 professionals visited the largest annual sector fair in Europe

The number of visitors has consolidated the event as a reference point for Latin America and shows upwards progress in mature markets

The 564 exhibitors, who came from 24 countries and took up over 26,000 m2 of exhibition space, were already expecting Expobiomasa to be a success. Now, only a few days after doors closed on the event, organiser AVEBIOM can confirm that those and their own expectations were fulfilled. The final number of unique visiting professionals recorded accessing the event comes to 16,423 – slightly above AVEBIOM’s target figure of 16,000.

The first impressions of most exhibitors agree that not only were there “more people attending” but that they had “a clearer idea of what they were looking for in terms of products, services, alliances and even partners”. It is also worth mentioning that the general feeling among international enterprises and brands is a positive assessment of the event, as visitors came from 37 countries. Spain was the most represented country, providing 93% of visitors; 39% came from the Castile and Leon region and 54% from the other autonomous regions, led by Madrid, Galicia and the Basque Country. Internationally, 7% of all visitors came from abroad, with Portugal, Italy and Chile taking the top three positions.

AVEBIOM is now taking stock of exhibitor satisfaction from the initial comments and opinions noted during informal conversations at the fair itself. However, more formal and exhaustive evaluation of satisfaction will be sought from attending enterprises in a survey to be carried out over the coming weeks. This will provide a more objective view and enable weaknesses to be detected so that exhibitor services can be improved at future events.

Meanwhile, reservations are being made for the next fair. The most farsighted exhibitors informed the organisers of their intention to repeat in 2015 on the last day of this year’s fair.

The forestry sector moves up the scale at Expobiomasa
If the amount of exhibition floor space seems surprising for a specialised fair devoted exclusively to biomass, then this is mainly due to the 8,000 m2 of machinery and equipment for handling timber on display in ‘Expobiomasa Forestal’ included in the main fair. This was thanks to a specific call that went out to timber dealers, forest managers, large-scale timber and biomass consumers, transport firms and many other professionals on the Iberian Peninsula.

This firm backing for forestry enterprises from Expobiomasa has highlighted the attractive business opportunities offered by biomass in Spain and Portugal. The demand for timber in Europe will increase by 40% over the next few decades and Spain still has a long way to go both in terms of biomass or timber products because only a third of the production capacity there is currently being used.

Expobiomasa ‘back to school’ in September
In 2015 Expobiomasa will be moving forward a month: it will be held on 22nd, 23rd, and 24th September. AVEBIOM’s decision to change has been greatly welcomed as it responds to repeated requests by most of the exhibitors who annually attend the technology fair. Recent rethinking and internal re-structuring at AVEBIOM now means they can meet this demand.

AVEBIOM would like to thank IDAE, the Junta de Castilla y León (Regional Government), the City Council of Valladolid and Feria de Valladolid for their contributions to Expobiomasa that make it an essential meeting point for professionals and a driving force in the industry. They also recognise the support received from 45 Allies and 63 Mediapartners from all over Europe, Latin America and North America, and look forward to being able to count on them over the coming year.