Gärstad CHP plant in Linköping Sweden,
Gärstad CHP plant in Linköping Sweden,

Decisions on new CHP taken
Yesterday took the Board the formal decision to build a new power plant in Gärstad waste treatment facility in Linköping. Assuming that all relevant permits are in place construction will begin this fall and is expected to be operational in 2016. The plant will produce an energy equivalent to the needs of 25,000 private homes.

Linköping is growing and needs energy security. A cogeneration plant produces both heat and electricity simultaneously and is a resource-efficient way of converting energy. The new facility at Gärstad will primarily use waste fuel resources that would otherwise have been lost. Engineering works have long been working to phase out fossil fuels from production mix and the new CHP plant will mean a reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 30,000 cars.

– It’s inspiring that we have been aloud to proceed with this project, it is the largest single investment in technical plant history, says Anders Jonsson, CEO of technology departments. It’s also a project that will further strengthen growth in an already strong region. The construction phase will generate 100’s of jobs.

With the new facility is operational activities of the power plant in downtown Linköping could be reduced significantly. This is a first step, however, still required the boilers to some extent even after Gärstad expansion is complete.

The facility will be on the Gärstad area adjacent to the building with a glass facade at the E4 and have a similar design.
The investment in the new CHP plant, the effect of which will be of approximately 80 MW, amounting to 120 million Euro.

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