Swedish ex prime minister Göran Person: “The biomass have to be processed”

Goran Persson on Forest Industry Week.
Not only it is a “veritable race” in paper consumption threatens the coming years. It is far from certain that the biofuel is a safe resort for forest owners. Sveaskog President Goran Persson saw many clouds in the sky during his speech at the Forest Industry Week.

20 million hectares of agricultural land lies uncultivated in the Union.

He pointed to the EU’s ability to increase the supply of biomass in a short time. 20 million hectares of agricultural land lies uncultivated in the Union. If one decides in Brussels, the EU on perhaps only five years to start growing large quantities of biofuels to achieve climate goals. If aid to farmers would be introduced with 100 or 200 euros per hectare, it would quickly become a very strong production, said Persson. With strong pressure on prices.

We are successful in biomass in Sweden, so we are also vulnerable.
In order to compete, it must be Swedish biofuel processing, for example, liquid fuel, but no large-scale projects of this kind is in sight, he pointed out. It’s time to build such facilities now, because now is emerging an excess of raw material in the Swedish forest. It needs to find a large-scale industrial use.

On the other hand, he pointed also to the possibility that Europe’s politicians introduce carbon binding rights when the political climate pressure increases. In this case, forest owners paid to leave the timber standing.
-Then the timber is left in the forest with the crisis that it could lead to the industry.”Biobränslet måste förädlas”

Göran Persson Foto: Johan Ardefors

Göran Persson speaking at the Forestryweek. Photo: Johan Ardefors