Posted 2013-03-18

Investment for Biogas Development

Fiskeby has been granted 12.6 million SEK from the Swedish Energy Agency for the construction of a biogas plant.

Fiskeby has received 12.6 million SEK for the construction of a so-called anaerobic water purification process directly linked to the company’s existing water treatment plant. In this anaerobic purification process biogas is formed. The biogas can then be used as energy in the production of cartonboard, replacing electricity.

Since 2010, the Swedish government has assigned investment resources annually to support the introduction of new technologies and solutions that enhance energy production and now Swedish Energy Agency has granted Fiskeby 12.6 million SEK for the construction of a biogas plant.

The money granted is only a part of the total project investment and the Board of Directors at Fiskeby will meet to consider the additional funding that will be required at their next board meeting in June 2013.

– We estimate that biogas production could reach approximately nine GWh per year, says Hans Hagdahl, manager of board production at Fiskeby Board. There are several opportunities to exploit the gas and one of the most environmentally interesting is the operation of the dryers that are used in the production of our board.

About the company

Fiskeby has been manufacturing paper and board since 1637. Much has changed during this time. Craftsmanship has turned into hi-tech production. Fiskeby is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of packaging board. More than one third of all Swedish board packaging products are currently manufactured using Multiboard – the Fiskeby brand. The products are manufactured from 100% recovered fibre.

 Independent company with a strong owner 

Fiskeby Board AB is an independent company with a manufacturing facility in Fiskeby, Norrköping. with  sales offices in Norrköping, Copenhagen, Aylesbury, Ottobeuren and an agency in Warsaw.  Owner in Fiskeby Holdings LLC, USA. The owner also manage CoorsTek and Coors Brewery.