SEKAB Welcomes SP’s Engagement in the Biorefinery Demo Plant

May 08, 2013 11:53 CEST

SEKAB Welcomes SP’s Engagement in the Biorefinery Demo Plant

SEKAB E-Technology welcomes SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden’s (SP) engagement in the Biorefinery Demo Plant in Örnsköldsvik, previously known as the Ethanol Pilot. SP and SEKAB have signed an agreement, which ensures continued operations of the demonstration plant. SP is planning to expand the operation’s focus to the development of additional sustainable products from various types of biomass. The future partners and customers consist of companies, universities and research institutes that are looking to develop next generation fuels and green chemicals.

The Ethanol Pilot has been of great importance in the development of SEKAB E-Technology’s advanced processing technology CelluTech™, which fractionates biomass and transforms it into bioethanol, biogas and solid biofuels. Since April of this year SP has the overall responsibility for the operations of the demo plant. SEKAB E-Technology will be in charge of planning and executing demonstration trials on behalf of SP, as well as maintenance and modifications of the plant for future applications.

– We are excited about the commitment to the Biorefinery Demo Plant. This puts SEKAB E-Technology in the unique position to be able to offer valuable demonstration-scale tests to our customers as well as good prerequisites to continue with the development of our CelluTech™ technology. This further strengthens Örnsköldsvik’s reputation as a bio refinery hub, said Thore Lindgren, Executive Vice President at SEKAB E-Technology.

The demand for demonstration-scale testing of advanced refining technologies for the production of sugar solutions, ethanol and other green chemicals from lignocellulosic sugars is growing rapidly and demands for an advanced facility. SEKAB E-Technology carries out advanced research and development projects with support from the Swedish Energy Agency and has experience of 38 000 hours of operating the now called Biorefinery Demo Plant.

SEKAB is one of Europe’s leading ethanol players. The company produces and distributes bioethanol in the form of fuel and green chemical products, and is also developing the next generation technology for ethanol production, based on lignocellulosic biomass. The company’s mission is, by using sustainable bio fuel, to actively promote and create opportunities for sustainable transportation in the future. Read more about SEKAB

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Kristina Nilsson,