New Biomass Energy production plant at Quitman Tennesse
New Biomass Energy production plant at Quitman Tennesse


January 29 2013

Third Bulk Shipment to Europe Announced

New Biomass Energy LLC announced its third transatlantic bulk shipment of torrefied wood pellets to Europe to be used as fuel in coal-fired power plants.   The shipment consisted of over 4,000 tons of torrefied wood pellets produced at New Biomass Energy’s plant in Quitman, Mississippi.

“We see our shipments of thousands of tons during this past year as a great achievement not only for our company but for the torrefaction industry as a whole,” said Mike White, New Biomass Energy Executive Vice President.  “We believe torrefied wood pellets are a significant alternative energy option and we’re excited to help move the industry forward.”

Torrefied wood is created from biomass material that goes through a process called torrefaction, which involves the roasting of wood or other biomass at high temperatures in an oxygen-deprived environment.  This process removes and recycles low quality energy mass from the material, and changes the chemical composition of the material.  The torrefied material is then ground and processed through a pellet mill to create durable torrefied pellets.

Torrefied pellets are more energy dense than regular wood pellets and almost as energy dense as coal. Torrefied wood grinds similar to coal, but burns cleaner with far less sulfur and ash released. Torrefied wood pellets can be co-fired with coal in existing coal power plants, allowing the plants to immediately generate renewable energy and reduce their carbon dioxide emissions without making significant capital investments.

New Biomass Energy’s plant utilizes versatile equipment capable of producing a variety of biomass pellets ranging from premium industrial wood pellets to high-energy torrefied pellets. This enables New Biomass Energy to offer a variety of pellet types to meet the diverse needs of potential buyers.

New Biomass Energy has been producing torrefied wood pellets using commercial scale reactors since the first quarter of 2012 at its Quitman, Mississippi plant.  The plant is currently being expanded to increase its annual capacity to between 150,000 and 250,000 tons, depending on the energy density of the pellets produced.  In response to requests for significant deliveries from large power companies, New Biomass Energy is building additional plants to increase its production capacity.

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