Torrefied pellets from Topell
Torrefied pellets from Topell



Topell Energy reports breakthrough of Torrefaction Technology

The Hague, October 23, 2013  –  Topell Energy, a Dutch company leading the development of torrefaction technology and Technology Pioneer 2011 of the World Economic Forum, announces “proof of concept” on commercial production scale for its technology.

Maarten Herrebrugh, COO, explains “Topell Energy is now able to continuously produce so-called torrefied solid bio-fuel on a commercial scale of 6 tons/hour and as such is leading the technology development world-wide”.

In the meantime, first commercial deliveries to electricity companies have started. The torrefied pellets will be used for co-firing alongside fossil coal in order to produce green electricity. The company is now focusing on further optimization of its product and ramping up both its direct sales and its technology licensing model to its customers.

Rob Voncken, the recently appointed new CEO of Topell Energy states “I am proud that the team, after years of hard work, has reached this stage. Torrefaction technology not only enables the efficient use of biomass to produce green electricity, but also creates the opportunity to involve biomass in the chemical industry, via a gasification route”. Rob Voncken succeeds Jules Kortenhorst, who recently was appointed CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute. Rob formerly was the CEO of BioMCN, a pioneer in the development of 2nd generation liquid bio-fuels.

The commercial breakthrough is a recognition for Topell Energy of its belief  that torrefaction technology is going to play an important role in reaching climate change targets.

About Topell Energy

Topell Energy is a Dutch, privately funded, clean technology company which has developed a cutting edge process which transforms low-grade biomass streams into a homogeneous and energy-dense fuel, which is suitable for combustion and gasification applications. This process is generally known as torrefaction and the solid bio-fuel is usually referred to as torrefied biomass, refined biomass, or biocoal.

The torrefaction step is instrumental in unlocking the potential of biomass as feedstock for bio-based chemicals and fuels. There are significant benefits associated with the use of such a solid

biofuel across the entire biomass-to-energy supply chain, including lower cost of transportation and storage and a more efficient conversion of biomass into heat and power.

Topell Energy  operates a large, commercial-scale plant in Duiven (The Netherlands). Topell Energy has started its international roll-out as a provider of integrated torrefaction solutions to biomass supply chain companies around the world.

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Rob Voncken (CEO)