Opening of the COP 19 Clinate meeting in Warsaw, Poland
Opening of the COP 19 Clinate meeting in Warsaw, Poland

The COP 19. UNFCCC Conference of the Parties nineteenth  meeting is held in Warsaw Poland Nov 11 – Nov 22, and as the tradition predict the chairman of the meeting is from this hosting country.  This year the environment minister of Poland H.E. Marcin Korolec, is chairing.

From the chairman opening speech
“When one part of the planet wonders why new smart phones need to be charged more often, another part of the world, and around 1.3 billion people to be precise, remains without access to electricity. And while some prepare themselves to travel to space on commercial flights, around 2.6 billion still lack access to clean cooking facilities.”

“If it weren’t complex enough, we are all experiencing threatening climate change. Changing landscapes, forcing us from our normal ways. Killing.”

“Only two days ago, a powerful typhoon swept through the Philippines, claiming thousands of lives, leaving hundreds of thousands of people displaced from their homes. A great human tragedy. Unforgettable, painful, awakening.”

He ended he’s speech with

“I can promise you that here in Warsaw and over the next 12 months I will spare no effort to find a consensus. ”

Following Doha
The COP 19 meeting starts from a position where the global emissions of greenhouse gases over the past year reached a new peak and continued increasing, and the time to implement the necessary measures are becoming more scarce on a globally agreed maximum temperature increase of 2 ° C to be achieved.
At last year’s meeting , COP 18 in Doha, several steps were taken towards the agreement.

Two of the major was that it formally took a decision on a new commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol , 2013 – 2020 , and that the working group set up to negotiate an agreement in 2009 in Copenhagen ended . It was also decided that the UN Secretary-General Ban – Ki-moon in September 2014 will bring together world leaders to a meeting in order to drive on clear objectives and ambitious emission reductions .
This progress , however, is far from sufficient to seriously mitigate global climate change .Several severe challenges remain in order to reach an agreement by 2015.
Paving the way for Paris 2015
Negotiations in Warsaw revolve around preparing the way for 2015 at COP21 in Paris to agree on a global long-term agreement that will take effect in 2020. Also how emissions can be reduced up to 2020 are included in the negotiations.
Delegates at COP 19
Delegates at COP 19