US gas and solar boom according to the latest energy capacity report from Office of Energy Projects, Energy Infrastructure update

Natural Gas and Solar are booming. Biomass not so much and wind has slowed down dramatically reports  American Office of Energy Projects in their Energy Infrastructure update for August with cumulative figures for 2013 and 2012.

In total for August has 3 projects with a 1297 MW Natural gas capacity come on line (2013-6487 MW), 20 Solar facilities was upstarted in August with 578 MW (148 project delivered 1774 MW 2013) and 2 biomass project added 3 MW (49 projects with 171 MW capacity 2013).  No wind projects came on line in August but for 2013 in total 959 MW has been installed.

The new gas power plants are all in California, two in San Francisco Bay area, the Russel city 620 MW plant and the Los Esteros 140 MW and one in Los Angeles. Also the majority of the Solar expansion was mainly  in California in the San Diego area.

If one looks into the total installed power generating capacity they report

  • coal 29%
  • Natural Gas 42 %
  • Nuclear 9 %
  • Oil 4 %
  • Hydro 8 %
  • Biomass 1 %
  • Solar 0,5 %

Totall: 1,167 GW Installed capacity

The office also reports transportation capacity upbuild for gas and power. Gas net are expanded in Pensilvania to New Jersey and New York City. Connection from Shale formations in Montana and North Dakota has been put in place to a mainline pipe in North Dakota.

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