New Database tracks energy legislation in all 50 states

Colorado State University’s Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) has gone live with an online database of energy-related legislation pending in all 50 states.

The Advanced Energy Legislation (AEL) Tracker, which was created in partnership with Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), is available to the general public.

Currently, state legislatures are considering more than 2,100 bills that could change the way Americans produce, buy and use energy, according to AEE. The AEL Tracker identifies all those measures and monitors the progress of energy bills as they move forward.

AEL Tracker also can help identify trends in energy legislation. For example, based on information available in AEL Tracker:

  • Nearly 25 percent of pending state energy legislation calls for new financing tools – including tax incentives – for the installation of energy facilities;
  • Roughly 21 percent of pending bills promote development of clean energy sources;
  • About 8 percent encourages adoption of energy-efficient appliances, building codes and practices – the low-hanging fruit in America’s energy supply chain.

The Center expects to publish 2-3 trend analyses per month.

“If we look at where the country is going on advanced energy policy, overwhelmingly that transition is being led by states,” said Bill Ritter (pictured), founding director of CNEE and the former governor of Colorado, in a statement. “To get the pulse of where the country is going we need to understand what the states are doing.”

The database has been developed in collaboration with AEE, a national business organization representing the entire advanced energy industry, from wind, hydro, solar, and natural gas to efficiency and electric vehicles.