The oil industry knows it can’t win a debate against American jobs, energy security, and the health of the planet — unless, that is, the debate is rigged.

So that’s what Big Oil is doing — spending millions to rig the system and change the law. Its goal: replacing the renewable fuels in our gasoline with foreign fossil fuels.

That’s why today — Earth Day — we’ve launched to shine a spotlight on the oil companies’ dirty tricks and dishonest attacks. Americans deserve to know how oil companies have rigged the system to make us pay more at the pump — sending their profits up while our air quality goes down.

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The fact is that clean-burning renewable fuels cost less than gasoline and help improve air quality. They have higher octane, too — which improves engine performance. (That’s why ethanol has been added to gasoline for decades, and is even used in professional auto racing.)

And the technology continues advancing, bringing new fuels like cellulosic ethanol — produced from grasses, wood chips or agricultural waste — to market, reducing carbon pollution even further while launching an entirely new industry right here in America.

All of this is thanks to the commonsense, bipartisan Renewable Fuel Standard. But oil companies are steadily losing market share to innovative, renewable American fuels — fuels that cost less, pollute less, and perform better for your engine. That’s why it’s no wonder that the oil industry needs to rig the system in its favor.

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It’s shocking to see all the ways oil companies are rigging the debate — rigging studies to distort the facts, rigging the airwaves with foreign money, rigging the tax code to turn our wages into their profits, and rigging the marketplace to limit consumer choice. You name it, the oil industry is rigging it.

And of course, the oil industry is rigging Washington — spending almost a billion dollars in the last five years on lobbyists and campaign contributions (averaging more than $1 million for every seat in Congress!). In return, they’ve reaped $20 billion in tax breaks and nearly $500 billion in profits since 2009.

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Oil companies have spent big money distorting the facts about American jobs, American energy security, and America’s environment. Together, let’s start setting the record straight.


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