Join PFI and others for the first National Bioenergy Day
PFI is joining the Biomass Power Association, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council, ACORE and others across the country for the first ever National Bioenergy Day, October 17, 2013. National Bioenergy Day will be an opportunity for elected officials, media and other stakeholders to visit their local facilities to witness firsthand the process by which wood and other organic materials generate energy. National Bioenergy Day participants will take the opportunity to demonstrate to visitors in person how bioenergy works-and its local economic and environmental benefits -so that legislators and other stakeholders understand the importance of supporting an energy source within to their district.

PFI will circulate more details in the coming weeks as additional events take shape.  For more information on the National Bioenergy Day and how to become involved, see this fact sheet.

Interested in hosting members of your community for National Bioenergy Day? Click here for a template that you may use for invitations.