02 December 2013 • Source: German Pellets

German Pellets production plant in Woodville, Texas now ENplus certified

The German Pellets plant in Woodville, Texas, has received the ENplus certificate. German Pellets and can now to its customers in Europe, commit a steady supply of high-quality certified wood pellets. At the same time this strengthens the company position on the Enplus markets in Europe .

ENplus is an European- recognized certificate , that characterizes the producers and distributors of high-quality fuels. In addition to defined physical and chemical properties that allow proper heating, also origin and transit are recorded seamlessly and transparently.

The plant in Woodville has an annual capacity of 578,000 tons of wood pellets for industrial customers as well as business customers and the small scale market for the production of electricity and heat. The main market for the German Pellets Group are Germany, Italy, Austria , Denmark and Belgium.

The demand for wood pellets increases in all segments.

In Europe about 60,000 boilers and about 300,000 pellet stoves pellet are installed every year. Large volumes are also demanded by converted heating and power plants. The wood pellets from Woodville will be shipped through the port of Port Arthur (Texas .
The seal of approval ” ENplus ” is awarded by the European Pellet Council in Brussels , according to the European standard for wood pellets ( EN 14961-2 ) . The plant in Woodville gets the ENplus ID number U.S. 005