Gasified forest residues provide cheap fuel


Forest waste can become a high-quality fuel for less than one euro per liter. It shows studies at the Technical Research Centre, VTT, Finland.

Case studies of four biofuels gasified using a pressurized fluidized bed, showing that biomass, mainly bark and forest residues, would give an energy efficiency of 67 per cent, depending on the end product.

Researchers at VTT estimates that the technology could be used to produce liquid fuels at a cost of 58-78 euros per megawatt. Converted to a petrol equivalent, the estimated cost of production to be 0.5 to 0.7 euros per liter.

The price of renewable solutions would be on par with the current price before taxes on fossil fuels and cheaper than existing imported biofuels.

According to VTT’s technology is ready to be demonstrated on a commercial scale. The first wave of these production facilities are in need of public investment.

The fuels studied by VTT were methanol, dimethyl ether, Fischer-Tropsch diesel and synthetic diesel.