DP CleanTech expands in Africa, initiaties  partnerships for the global WtE market

DP CleanTech, a world leader in biomass solutions, has recently signed an equipment supply agreement with HK listed China Everbright International Limited (Environment Protection Group) to supply the largest  Waste-to-Energy project in Africa. The agreement between DP CleanTech and business conglomerate China Everbright International signifies a mutual interest in further developing the Waste to Energy and biomass markets internationally.

Earlier in the year DP Cleantech (DPCT)  formalised a partnership with Addis Ababa-based Cambridge Industries Ltd (CIL), to facilitate the rollout of biomass and waste-to-energy projects in Africa.  The new partnership’s first project, in consortium with China National Electrical Engineering Corporation (CNEEC) has already been secured, and will deliver an EPC contract for a waste-to-energy plant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Design and preparatory work has already begun to ensure a smooth progression to the buildout,  and a further pipeline of projects in Ethiopia, Djibouti, Senegal, Uganda and Kenya are also in the planning stages.

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO) and Cambridge Industries, Ltd signed, on 04 January 2013, a contract to construct Ethiopia’s first Waste-to-Energy plant at Reppie (koshe) landfill Site in Addis Ababa. The advanced waste-to-energy plant in Addis Ababa uses state-of-the-art technology from DP Cleantech, and is being developed by CIL and CNEEC on a turnkey basis for Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).  It is a key component of the Climate-Resilient Green Economy Strategy being pursued by the Ethiopian government.

The plant will be located adjacent to the Reppie Landfill site – the largest landfill site in Ethiopia – and will utilise the vast and reliable feedstock as a source of renewable energy.  This will also facilitate waste management in the city.  DP Cleantech’s advanced combustion technology will be used to convert the waste to clean electricity, and DP Cleantech’s all-dry flue gas treatment technology will be used to meet the strict EU-standard emission limits required by the  Ethiopian government.

DP CleanTech CEO Simon Parker commented “We are delighted that the development of waste to energy has gained some traction in Africa, and the commitment of EEP is a significant step towards securing Ethiopia’s future energy needs.

CNEEC has already successfully completed many projects in Africa. CIL Managing partner Robert Seabrook noted that “DP CleanTech is the ideal partner with whom to successfully complete this pioneering project.

DPCT’s European high pressure, high temperature technology is  acknowledged as being reliable and most efficient.  With over 50 biomass power plants using DP technology in China alone, our extensive experience and knowledge will continue to drive more efficient, cost- effective solutions and reliable outcomes. The technology was first implemented in Europe 30 years ago and since then, has been further developed and refined for an increasing number of fuels and environmental conditions.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, said, “This is the first time that Everbright has developed a strategic cooperation with another company to explore overseas markets, and it represents a further implementation of the Group’s development strategy. We will work closely with DP CleanTech on building joint technological advantages; and we will collaborate in addressing waste to energy and biomass markets and other environmental projects both overseas and in China”.